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Elaine's Tree

The tree at the southwest corner of our school building has been designated "Elaine's Tree," in memory of our beloved English teacher Elaine Giermak. Because we can't come together to grieve right now, we have set up this space to allow our students and alumni to leave notes, art, flowers, and other remembrances. You may also drop letters and cards in the mailbox on the front of the building. These can be items you wish to share with her family or words meant only for Elaine. We will collect these items and forward those intended for her husband Frank and the family. Any items meant for Elaine will be placed in an envelope to be left unread.

Please do not gather at Elaine's Tree at this time. When the COVID-19 Stay at Home Order is lifted and it is safe to do so, we will plan a memorial gathering in her honor. We will share photos of the tree from time to time; the photos here were taken Monday, April 27.

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