The Executive Director of CMS is charged with the day-to-day operation of the school.  Under her direction, Board-approved policies are implemented and administered.  The Executive Director is responsible for hiring all staff and making final decisions on all academic and administrative matters.

The Board of Directors is comprised of CMS parents and community members.  Members serve two-year terms, during which they assume responsibility for:

  • overseeing the strategic direction of the school;

  • reviewing and approving school policies;

  • hiring, evaluating and supporting the Executive Director;

  • supervising the financial operations of the school, including fundraising; and

  • ensuring the school's adherence to legal requirements and ethical standards.

2019 CMS Board of Directors

Susan Hinrichs, President

Terry Bush, Vice President

Libby Stubbers, Secretary

Tiffany Armas

Priyanka Bhargava

Mauro Sardela

Renee Trilling

Brigitte Pieke, CMS Founder

and Emeritus Board Member

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