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Why Choose CMS?


At CMS, we combine high expectations with close attention to the learning needs of each individual student. We limit our class sizes in order to maximize the attention that teachers can devote to students to make sure everyone is successful in the classroom.  Students enjoy frequent hands-on learning activities and field trips to enhance the classroom experience.  Because we are located close to campus, we can use University of Illinois museums, laboratories, and other facilities as an extended classroom. Girls leave CMS well prepared for advanced classes in high school and college.  In fact:

  • Our math curriculum uses a high-school level text.  By the time they graduate from 8th grade, our students have completed Algebra I. 

  • Our Spanish classes also use a high school text.  Most students complete three years of Spanish at CMS, which enables them to be placed into second or third year level Spanish classes when they enter high school.

  • Our science curriculum includes outreach programs with University of Illinois professors.  These programs allow girls the opportunity to visit working laboratories, utilize modern technology and equipment, meet scientists in a variety of fields, and participate in hands-on activities. 

A successful middle school experience requires excellent academic preparation combined with an understanding of the social and developmental needs of adolescents.  In general, all-girls’ schools provide an environment that encourages girls to develop self-confidence and leadership skills.  One of the key concepts we try to instill at CMS is that students are their own best support network and cheering squad.  The hugs that our students give each other during the day attest to the power of friendships that are based on mutual respect and acceptance.  When problems do arise, we try whenever possible to treat them as an opportunity to teach students effective conflict resolution strategies. 

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