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Our Mission:  Cultivating Excellence, Empowering Girls

In service to this mission, CMS provides:

  • a challenging curriculum that encourages girls to set high expectations for themselves;

  • small class sizes that allow a high level of student participation and teacher attention;

  • diverse curriculum offerings that allow girls to explore an array of subjects, express themselves creatively, and work toward mastery in a variety of disciplines;

  • a safe and positive social environment that enables adolescent girls to achieve a sense of emotional and physical well-being;

  • community service opportunities that encourage students to become reflective, responsible global citizens;

  • close ties to the University of Illinois and surrounding community that expose students to working scholars, laboratories, museums, libraries and other resources.

At Campus Middle School for Girls, we adamantly oppose racism, hate, and the ideology of white supremacy.  These horrors are antithetical to our mission of Cultivating Excellence and Empowering Girls.


Instead, we actively embrace anti-racism and intersectionality. We are committed to helping our young people navigate this time of great upheaval, to fostering a climate of empathy and understanding in our school, and to building a society that provides justice and equity for all.


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