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CMS Welcomes New Teachers

Two new teachers, both named Katie, join the teaching staff of CMS this year. Katie Odom (pictured below on the right) is the new CMS drama instructor. Ms. Odom is a graduate of the University of Illinois where she studied theater with an emphasis on youth direction and education. In her free time, Katie likes to watch Netflix and hang out with her cat, rabbit, and 2 pet rats. Katie Odom began performing at age 5 in the summer youth theater program in Urbana which she now directs! Although Katie O. loves theater, her favorite class in high school was SCIENCE.

CMS alumnus Katie Wennerdahl returned to CMS this fall as a teacher! She's teaching a 6th grade social-emotional learning course and 8th grade Seminar. Wennerdahl is a 2020 graduate of U of I where she earned a bachelor's in elementary ed. Last year, she taught 5th grade at Next Generation. She plans to pursue a master's in library and information sciences and become a children's librarian. Ms. Wennerdahl enjoys reading YA literature, watching old movies, visiting Disney World, practicing archery, and eating theater popcorn.

These two Katies join veteran science teacher, Katie Leininger. Now, almost 20% of CMS teachers have "Katie" as a first name.

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