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CMS Forum Week Review

by Josie, Elise and Kay (8th grade)

The week after presidents day, the students of CMS have their annual Forum Week. Forum Week is an entire week dedicated to one topic only. This year, we spent the week learning about wellness. We had an assignment to put together a spa in small groups by the end of Friday. We had four groups. Each group had to create a spa based on what they had learned during the week. The first few days of Forum week, we had speakers come to talk to us about topics such as meditation, anxiety management, yoga, healthy eating, and hair, skin and nail care.

Each group had to plan a spa incorporating at least three of the mental and physical health topics. On Friday morning, the groups took turns showing their spas to parents and other students. Each group got to show their own spa, and visit another spa. The parents who came also got to visit one or two spas. Many groups decided to showcase nail painting, hair care, yoga, and meditation. Some groups also treated their visitors to hand massages and let them journal.

That afternoon, everyone had the opportunity to go to the Clark-Lindsey Village retirement center and nursing home. We got to learn about how Clark-Lindsey incorporates wellness for its residents. We were given a tour of the center in which we saw residents using the village’s therapeutic hot pool and gym. The center also has many small businesses for the residents who cannot leave the center easily. We were shown the small grocery store, the hair salon, and the massage center. Clark-Lindsey has multiple classes such as yoga and water aerobics for both residents and none-residents. Everyone then got to play games with the residents, none of whom showed up. Overall, Forum Week was a fun learning experience for everyone.

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