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The CMS science curriculum includes standard middle school topics drawn from three basic science content areas: life science, earth science, and physical science.  We use the middle school textbook series from Savvas Realize, Elevate Science.  

Hands-on experiments and activities are a crucial part of the science investigations and are carried out in all content areas.  Tests or projects are assigned at the end of each unit to assess each girl’s comprehension of the material, along with periodic vocabulary quizzes.  We make use of the University and community for short field trips, lab visits, and guest speakers.

Science Topics

6th Grade:

Biology:  Living Things in the Biosphere, The Cell System, Reproduction and Growth, Ecosystems, Human Body Systems, Genes and Heredity, Changes Over TIme 


7th Grade:

Earth Science: Introduction to Earth’s Systems, Weather, Minerals and Rocks in the Geosphere, Plate Tectonics, Natural Resources, Human Impacts on the Environment, History of Earth, Earth-Sun-Moon System, Solar System and the Universe


8th Grade:

Physical Science: Introduction to Matter, Solids/Liquids/Gases, Atoms and the Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions, Energy, Waves and Electromagnetic Spectrum, Electricity and Magnetism, Forces and Motion

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