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Spring 2020 Remote Learning Highlights

A Note from our Executive Director:

Our students left for Spring Break on Wednesday, March 11 expecting they'd be back in a week.  I briefly mentioned that they could take their books home if it would ease their minds, but assured them that if we did get shut down, they would have a chance to come gather their stuff.  Who would have ever guessed schools would be called before we even made it to the weekend!


Over Spring Break, our staff got busy figuring out how to do "remote" learning in a meaningful way, how to continue with the content they had just dove into, and how to do that highly anticipated group project now that there would be no face-to-face collaboration.  While plans were re-written and goals tweaked, teachers were also busy making packets and gathering materials to help our girls be better prepared to learn from home.

While this all speaks to what makes CMS the special place it is, I don't want to skip the most amazing part, our students!  I am utterly impressed by them.  They have adapted to our Remote Learning with patience and grace.  Most of our staff are new to online teaching and there has been a huge learning curve for creating and posting videos and materials to Google Classroom.  Our girls have engaged, educated, and entertained us through it all.  We have all learned how to "Zoom" in for class meetings, how to submit MATH homework online, and even how to record harmonies.  These girls have provided honest feedback and are sticking with us as we continue to navigate this ever-changing learning environment.  They are amazing and I am so proud of them and the work they are doing everyday!

Tami Adams

Gallery of Remote Learning Samples

Here is a sampling of some of our students' work during our Remote Learning period.  Click to enlarge images and access links to audio and video projects.

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