6th Grade Recorder:  No prior music instruction is required.  This class focuses on the basics both of recorder playing and general musical knowledge, including music notation, rhythm, pitch, and tone.  Public performances will be held at the end of each semester to showcase progress made over the course of the semester.  Study of Music History and Music Theory is included as necessary for the successful and accurate performance of historical works for the instrument.

7th Grade Music:  This course is divided into two portions:  music history and recorder.  The recorder portion of the course is a continuation of 6th grade recorder, with a focus on 4-part ensemble performance.  The music history portion of the course will focus on the history of Western classical music, with a discussion of the major historical periods and the composers that serve as prototypical stylistic examples of each period.  Music theory will be discussed as is necessary for a thorough understanding of the musical characteristics of each musical time period.

8th Grade Music:  8th grade music will serve as a continuation of the learning that occurred in 6th and 7th grade music.  The focus of this course will shift to the uses of music throughout American history, particularly American popular song.  Students will trace the influences on modern American music to their African, Latin, and European roots; perform rhythms and melodies and sing lyrics representing a variety of genres; compose short original works in selected styles; and examine the various means employed to commercialize music over the decades.  In addition, as this course serves as the capstone for many students’ musical learning, students will learn skills to improve their observation and appreciation of the music they encounter in their daily lives.

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