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Campus Middle School for Girls

 25 Years of Cultivating Excellence and Empowering Girls

1994-2019 Impact Report

Happy 25th Anniversary, CMS!  


Thank you for being a part of Home Hi/CMS.  Celebrating this major milestone has been a lot of fun.  We had parties:  a lock-in for current students, a pizza party for our high-school alumni, a luau for the whole neighborhood, and a gala for our adult alumni, families, staff and community supporters.  We spent time combing through artifacts of our school's history, enjoying photos and yearbooks, and reaching out to talk with folks about their experiences at Home Hi/CMS.  Some of those photos ended up on social media, which helped us to reconnect with many alumni who weren't able to come to our events.  The experiment that Brigitte and Marianne launched in 1994 has been an unqualified success!

As I reflect on these celebrations and the rich history of our school, I feel tremendous pride in our alumni and their many accomplishments.  I am also grateful to our students, alumni, their families and our outstanding staff for creating the exceptional community we enjoy here at Campus Middle School for Girls.  Finally, I am excited about the future and the wonderful things that our community will do as we continue to learn and grow together.

This report provides a snapshot of the impact that you have made on CMS and its students.  Thanks again for being a part of this wonderful community, and I hope you will remain involved as we enter our next 25 years!

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Tami Adams

Executive Director

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CMS by the Numbers

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Looking Forward

As we embark on our next chapter, our primary goal is unchanged:  to cultivate excellence and empower girls. 

In service to this mission, we have adopted three major supporting goals:

  • Establish a robust financial aid program in order to increase access to CMS.  We want every academically qualified girl to have a place here, regardless of her family's financial resources.

  • Maintain an excellent facility and educational resources for our students.

  • Achieve pay parity with area schools, to ensure our ability to attract and retain the best teachers available.  

Your contributions of time, talent and treasure have made CMS the school it is today.  You have created a nurturing environment where girls can explore new interests, master academic challenges and develop lifelong friendships.  

Ensure the success of CMS's next 25 years:

Thank you for everything you have done these last 25 years, and for your continued support!

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