The goal of the Campus Middle School computer program is to master computers as a tool for information processing and research.  Throughout the whole computer curriculum methods of computer research (Internet, CD-ROM resources) are taught and applied to complement and reinforce learning objectives in other classes.  The students also learn to evaluate resources from the Internet and to document and cite them correctly.  Ethical behavior in regard to computer usage is discussed in all grades.

Specific areas of emphasis include:

Web Design:  Students will learn the basics of web design (html and css) by creating websites and blogs.  We will strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment by discussing web-safety, cyber bulling, fair use of web-based materials, copyright, etc.   

Coding:  Students will learn how to write code in Python.  We will start by learning about the syntax through the coding of simple programs, and will work up toward creating simple animations and games with the language.  We will also emphasize overlap between students’ math and science courses to the greatest extent possible.  For example, we plan to plot data collected in the girl’s science course, and work on plotting graphs.

Yearbook:  Eighth grade students will design and publish the CMS yearbook.

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