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8th Grade Seminar Curriculum

This class for 8th grade students is designed to help girls make the transition from middle school to high school, and from a dependent adolescent to a responsible and independent young adult. 


Course Components:

  • Social Service Project (Fall semester):  Students organize and execute an activity to benefit a cause.  This year we will undertake projects to benefit Cunningham Children’s Home.

  • Health (Fall semester):  Students will participate in in-class workshops on a variety of health topics, including body image, nutrition, healthy relationships, anatomy and sexuality.  These workshops will be facilitated by a University of Illinois student who is a member of the American Medical Student Association.

  • Interpersonal and Study Skills (Fall semester):  We will read and discuss The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey.  This book covers a range of issues including time management, interpersonal communication skills, relationship management and self-care.

  •  Public Speaking (Spring semester):  We will learn the fundamentals of preparing and delivering an oral presentation to a live audience.  Topic areas include audience analysis, research, organization, presentation aids, delivery, anxiety management and persuasive strategies.  Students will deliver 3 or more speeches over the course of the semester.

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