Extracurricular Activities

At CMS we provide a wide range of school activities and special events. Some of our activities last for one semester; several are offered for the entire year. Many of our activities are designed to provide opportunities for girls to learn leadership skills. We try to incorporate cross-grade groups whenever possible. This helps foster a sense of a greater school community, something we treasure at CMS.

Art Club

This club allows students to focus on creating their own artwork in a supportive and creative environment. Participants will also enjoy the freedom to explore the various art materials that are provided in the art classroom at CMS. (Spring Semester)


Choir is for anyone who is interested in pursuing a group vocal activity. No prior experience is required. The Choir performs at the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert. (Fall and Spring Semesters)


Students who have prior experience with a musical instrument and wish to perform in a group are invited to join the Ensemble. The Ensemble typically performs at the Winter Concert, Spring Concert and Graduation.(Fall and Spring Semesters)


CMS has a long tradition of participation in the LEGO Robotics competition. Coaches from the University of Illinois help our team to build a robot, perform tasks to meet a themed challenge, research real-world solutions to the challenge, and develop strategies for effective team work in preparation for the regional and state competitions. (Fall Semester)


A spring track program is offered in an effort to introduce students to the sport of track and to make exercise an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The team practices twice per week and participates in meets in April. (Spring Semester)


The goal of volleyball is to introduce students to the sport of volleyball and to make exercise an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The team practices three times per week from late November to late March and plays games throughout the season. (late-Fall, early-Spring Semesters)